Saint Pierre and Miquelon-Know the History, Culture and About the Hotels

Saint Pierre and Miquelon is a self governed territory, which is located in northwestern Atlantic Ocean that is near Canada. This island is located near the entrance of the bay of Fortune, which is found extending towards the southern coast. This island was discovered by Europeans on October 21 in the year 1520. This island is habituated and it's not a lonely island anymore. It is located at the heart of Grand Banks in the North Atlantic. This whole island is composed of eight islands, thus resulting in a total area of about 242 kilometers square. Of these eight islands only two of them are uninhabited. This Saint Pierre is the most popular and encompasses an area less than 26 kilometers square.

Culture and lifestyle
Every year in the summer season there is a festival named Basque, which is celebrated by the people with great zeal and energy. Seafood is famous among the people that are living there such as lobster, cod, mussels, snow crab and a number of other cod-based dishes. The favorite game of the people that are living there is ice-hockey, there are number of players who are from this island and have participated in French national hockey team and represented this island in Olympics. The street names are not used in Saint Pierre and Miquelon Island, if you want to search a particular place than you have to go through the directions and locations that are mentioned on a small pillar located near the streets.

What You Can On The Hotels Menu?
The hotels that are located there serve the best sea food; you can find all different types of dishes in the menu made from them. The food is delicious and mouth watering; once you will eat it you will never forget it since years and years. The outside scenery of the hotels is very nice; you can just pass hours by just peeping outside of the windows. Though there are not many hotels since the island is small, but the few that are there are the best. You can also enjoy the exotic food while just seeing the beautiful birds that are flying all around.

This island has the specialty of sea food and you can also find all other types of dishes such as Thai, Italian and many others which you wish to eat. Saint Pierre and Miquelon attracts various tourists every year. The beauty of this island is appreciable.