Saint Vincent and Grenadines-All About This Island Country

Saint Vincent and Grenadines is an island country, which is situated in the Lesser Antilles chain, which is the southern portion of the Windward Islands. The Windward Islands are located at the southern east of the Caribbean Sea where it meets the Atlantic Ocean. It encompasses an area of about 389 square kilometers which covers the mainly the island of Saint Vincent and about two third of the island of Grenadines. To the northern area of Saint Vincent lies the Saint Lucia, to the eastern Barbados. Saint Vincent and Grenadines is a densely populated island with 120,000 people. The capital of this island is Kingstown, which is also its main port. This island country has the history of British and French but it is now associated with the eastern Caribbean States, Common wealth of nations and Caricom.

Culture and lifestyle
The language, which is used by the people that are living here, is English but the Vincentians that are settled speak Creole language, which is known as Vincentian Creole. Standard English is used in the schools and colleges, government and in other formal domains while Vincentian Creole, which is called as Dialect, is used in Informal situations that are among the friends and at home. The people from different ethnic group are located there, which use their own language among the friends, especially the Bhojpuri is seemed to be used among number of people. The people that are living here have their own Soccer league, national football team and the NLA Premier League.

Top hotels that one can find this place
There are number of hotels that are located here, among them, few of them are five stars, the others are four stars and three star.
  • Palm Island
    It is ranked as number one hotel among the 35 hotels that are located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is having four floors, with each floor having six rooms, the interior decoration of the hotel is superb, and you will definitely like it.

  • Bequia Beach Hotel
    It is ranked as the second hotel among the various hotels in this Island country. The food served here is exotic, with the starters being very delicious.
This island country is the best place to be visited if you want to spend your vacations. As Standard English is spoken by almost 75% of the people, you will not find any sort of difficulty while communicating with the people.