Samoa-Its Culture and the Best Hotels

Samoa was earlier known by the name Western Samoa, it is a country encompassing the western part of the Islands of Samoa in the Pacific Ocean. This country became independent from the country New Zealand in the year 1962. The two major islands of this country are Upolu and the Savaii. The capital of this country is Apia and Faleolo International Airport, which are located on the island of Upolu. This is located at the south of the equator, in middle of the Hawaii and the New Zealand. It is located in the area of about 2,934 kilometers square in which the half of the area is covered by Upolu Island and the other half by Savaii's. Most of the population of this country is found in Upolu's island.

Culture And Lifestyle
Despite of the fact that its culture is influenced by European culture, Samoa maintains its historical culture, social and political ethics. The people from different tribes are settled in this country; therefore, its culture is a mixed one. You can find different languages are spoken by the people that are located in this country. Samoa ava is a ceremony which is celebrated by the people that are living there with great joy. The people that are settled in this country believe in various Gods and legends such as Tagaloa and Nafanua, which is the goddess of war. Some people that are living there adopt the religion of Christianity and now they have trust and faith in Jesus Christ. In this country, you can find beautiful Churches, which are found nowhere else.

Top Hotels that one can find in this Country
  • Vaisala Hotel, Vaisala, Savaii Island
    This island is located on the island beach. It serves the most exotic food that cannot be found anywhere else. This hotel is known for its interior decoration, the way the Satellite televisions are placed inside the rooms, the sitting arrangement and the bars are located in the best place where they can be.

  • Samoan Outrigger Hotel
    It is located at about ten minutes walking distance from the capital of this country that is Apia. The air conditioned room and the fast services are the specialty of this hotel.
However, it is a small country but has beautiful places that you can visit, especially the churches. You can hire a taxi and visit the whole country in just two days. The people living here are very co-operative, therefore in case you face any problem while travelling you can ask them without any hesitation.

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