San Marino-About This State

San Marino is a state that is located on the Italian Peninsula. It is surrounded by Italy. Its size is about 61 kilometers square with the estimated population of about 30,000. The capital of this state is San Marino; this city has the smallest population of the council of Europe. San Marino constitution was formed in 1600 is the oldest constitution until now that is in effect. The economy of this country mainly relies on finance, tourism, services and industry. It is the richest countries in the world in terms of per capita income with the figures that are comparable to the developed nations in Italy. It is one of the stable economies with the least unemployment rates in the country Europe, budget surplus and no national debt.

Culture and lifestyle
San Marino state has various games that are played there, the most popular one being the football (soccer). The people that are living there also play volleyball and Basketball. The three sports are having their own federations like the San Marino Football Federation, San Marino Volley ball Federation and San Marino Basketball Federation. The people from different tribes have come to settle down here, therefore, the culture in this country is a mixed one. There are number of festivals that are celebrated in this country, with great zeal and all the people from different tribes assemble to celebrate each festival.

About the Hotels
The hotels that are located in this country are the specialty; the delicious food and the fast service are appreciated by the visitors. The rooms are fully air conditioned with satellite TV and spa facility. There are different events that are celebrated in the different resorts to attract the tourists towards them. The banana festival is celebrated in various resorts; it is a fun to be a part of it. You can find that the food that is available in various hotels is a fresh one. The seafood like crabs, cods and the various dishes that are made from it are exotic and are liked by the visitors.

This is a developed country with residents and businesses; here you can find all types of facilities in case of emergency like hospital, police, library, fire, recreation and many others. This country is visited by thousands of tourists every year, since it offers all kinds of services. The transportation facility is the best one; you can easily find the vehicles, no need to wait for hours.

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