Sao Tome and Principe-All About It

Sao Tome and Principe is an island nation that is located in Gulf of Guinea, in the Western Equatorial coast of the Africa. This island nation consists of Sao Tome and Principe islands, which are located at about 140 kilometers apart. Both of these are a part of a volcanic mountain range. Sao Tome is located at the north of the Equator. This island is named after Saint Thomas by a Portuguese who arrived on this island on a feast day. The population of this island is about 163,000. Sao Tome and Principe is the second smallest island country among the various countries that are located in Africa. It is the smallest country in the world in terms of the habitats or population that is not a former United States trusteeship. It is smallest Portuguese speaking nation.

Culture and lifestyle
The people that are living here, has their mother language as Portuguese. Agriculture is considered as an occupation for a number of people that are living to survive. Poor communication skills and the lack of development have kept the island isolated. Mostly Christian people are found there, the marriages rituals are performed according to the faith in Lord Jesus. There are primary schools and the people living there, sent their children to these, but higher education facility is not available to the children. For which the parents sent their child to their relatives that are living in urban city. It is an underdeveloped island.

Top hotels that you can find on this place
Though there are number of hotels that are located on this island but the best one are the Sao Tome Island hotels: this hotel has an excellent infrastructure, which is liked by number of visitors that come there. The exotic food and specially the seafood is the center of attraction for number of tourists.

Principe hotel: this hotel is located on the Principe Island. It has air-conditioned rooms, with all the facilities for instance LCD, free calling facility are the few among the many.

It is a small island, which is best if you want to visit there but you should not make a plane to settle there, as lack of services, especially the education and medication that are must if you want to reside in a particular place for years and years. It is beautiful island which is having is the best place to be visited with friends and family.

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