Senegal-Come Lost in the Music of This Country

Senegal is a country that is located in Western Africa, the name of this country is given after the Senegal River that borders this country to the north and east. Senegal country is bounded by Atlantic Ocean in the western direction, Mali to the East, Mauritania to the north and Guinea-Bissau and Guinea to the south. Internally it is surrounds the Gambia on the north, east and south direction's. It covers a land area of about 197,000 kilometers square and has an population of about 14 million. The climate of this country is a tropical one, with two seasons namely the rainy season and the dry season. The capital of this city is Dakar that is located at the westernmost side of this country on the peninsula of Cap-Vert. Dakar became the capital of this country after its independence from France in the year 1960.

Culture and lifestyle
Senegal is known for its musical heritage, the different types of sounds are sung by the people that are living here. The sabar drumming is popular in this country; it is mostly used in celebrations such as wedding ceremony. Another instrument that is mostly played by the people is tama and is used in various ethnic groups. The education is free for the people that are living here up to the age of 16 years, the government out here emphasize on education for all. Illiteracy is high among the women that are living in this country. Football is played by number of people and is a famous sport in this country.

Top hotels that one can find at this place
  • Dakar hotel
    If you want to have delicious food, than you must visit this hotel. The seafood such as cods, crabs, lobsters and the dishes made from them are the specialty of this hotel. This hotel is located at the center of the country and is popular among the people so you will not find any kind of difficulty in searching this hotel.

  • Palmarin hotels
    This hotel has all the services, which you aspire, though it is a four star hotel but has all the facilities as that of a five star hotel.
This country is famous for the music that is played by means of various different instruments. The famous musicians are born in this country. It's the talent of the these people that attract number of tourists every year to visit this country.

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