Seychelles-Best Country to Be Visited If You Are Planning For Honeymoon

Seychelles is an island country that has about 115 islands in the Indian Ocean; it is located at some 1500 kilometers east of the Africa and northeast of the island of Madagascar. This country is small and has the population of about 86,525. It has the highest human development index as compared to the other countries in Africa. The climate of this island is humid, as the island is quite small and has a little variation in temperature all over the year. The government of this island focuses on the overall development of the economy. The capital city of this island country is Victoria.

Culture and lifestyle
The various people from different tribes have come to this country to settle down here. Therefore, the culture of this island is a mixed one. The people are helpful and kind, which is great boon if you are new to this island. Mostly the African, Asian and European people have come to settle down on this island, therefore, the culture on this island is a blend of all the tribes. The people celebrate each festival with great zeal and you can find the island decorated with different colors if it is a festive season. The design of the houses is influenced by British and French Colonial that were habituated of this island several years ago.

Top Hotels that you can find at this place
  • La Residence hotel
    This is located at the heart of this island; it is famous among the people for the food it serves and the fast services. This is a small hotel having all the facilities that are found in a five star hotel, for instance, LCD's in all the rooms, all the bar and Lounge equipped with number of air conditioners.

  • Romance Bungalows hotels
    This is the best hotel to be chosen if you are planning for a honeymoon with your spouse. The rooms are having the best infrastructure that is designed keeping in mind-married couples. The services are very quick; you can all the order of yours within 15 minutes.
Seychelles country is the best to be chosen if you are planning for vacation with your life partner. There are various other hotels are designed keeping in mind the needs and facilities that are required by couples. If you want to visit this country than you can also reserve the hotels by means of internet, there are number of attractive discounts that are available if you book them during off-season.

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