Sierra Leone: The Description

Sierra Leone is also known as Republic of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is the country found in West Africa having the capital of the country as Freetown. The country is surrounded by Guinea, Liberia and Atlantic Ocean. The area of Sierra Leone is of 71740 sq km having a population of 6.3 million people in an aggregate. The people of the nation are found in the groups of Mende, Temne, Lumba, Kono, Koranko, Loko, Yalunka, Soso and Mandingo. The country is marked by many refugees. The people living in Sierra Leone have Islam, Christianity, Islam and many indigenous religions too. The climatic condition of the country is marked by tropical climate. The average temperature of the country is 27 degrees. The rainy season is ranging from May month to November month. The humidity of the country is quite high. The days are very hot and the nights are cool for the country. The economic condition of the country is very low. The diamond mining is the major economic activity of the country.

Modes of Commutation for The Country
Lungi International Airport is the mode of commutation for the country to various national as well as international destinations. Bellview Airlines, Slok Air and Astraeus are the various airlines that help the commutation to take place. Ferry services are also present to commute to Conakry.

Best Restaurants In Sierra Leone
  • Alex's
    The restaurant is found in Freetown. The restaurant is covered with palm trees, having a dining place that serves sea food as its speciality. The restaurant has the arrangements for bar, pool table and TV to watch the recent sports played.

  • Jovana
    The restaurant is again located in Freetown. The restaurant serves the purpose of meeting joints for the business related people. The restaurant serves the best African dishes, meat and sea food. The restaurant served the best pizzas in the town.

  • Crown Bakery
    The restaurant is located in Freetown. Pizzas, Fajitas, Pancakes, Curries and the best bakeries are present in the Bakery.
Lifestyle and Culture
The native form of culture is the culture followed by the people of the country. Oral cultural transmission has been the mode of transferring culture to the descendents in the modes of poetry, myths and verses. The music of the country is inspired from the French Music. Palm Wine is the music form widely spread all over the nation. Football and Soccer are the widely played sports by the people of the country. The country exports canned food and fishes to the other countries.

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