Singapore: The Tourist Attracting Country

The country of Singapore is also known as Republic of Singapore. The country is situated in South Asia. The country of Singapore is surrounded by Straits of Johan, Indonesia and Riau Island. Singapore occupies the area of 694 sq km with a population ranging to about 5,183,700 people. The capital of the country is Downtown Core. The group of people residing in Singapore includes Chinese, Malay, Indian descendants and Eurasians speaking English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil as their official language. The religion followed by these groups of people of the country includes Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism and Hinduism. The climate of Singapore never drops below 20 degrees and can vary up to 30 degree. The humidity and Rainfall stays all the time in the country. The economy of the country is Industrial International form of Economy.

Modes of Commutation In Singapore
Changi International Airport is the international airport that helps commuting to various domestic as well as International destinations. Air New Zealand, Silk Air, Cathay Pacific Airways, KLM Royal Dutch airlines, Malaysian Airlines are some Airlines that will help commuting different places. There are various Ferry services that could be availed such as Harbour Front, Ferry Terminal, Changi Ferry Terminal and Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Best Hotels In Singapore
  • Hotel Robertson Quay
    The hotel is situated in Robertson Quay having a riverside location. The hotel shows the lighthouse placed there. The rooms of the hotel are small but effectively furnished. The hotel has rooftop swimming room and is a middle ranged hotel preferred for various business purposes.

  • Amara Singapore
    The hotel is meant for the top class people. The hotel is meant for high class business meets. The hotel has some rooms near the poolside and adds to the beauty of the hotel. Thanying restaurant is also present in the hotel itself with a bar that is addition to the restaurant.

  • Landmark Hotel
    The hotel has airy lobbies. There are around 300n rooms in the hotel and a large bar too. The hotel is a bit expensive but is worth it as it provides the visitor with the perfect scenic beauty of the country outside.
Lifestyle and Culture
The culture of Singapore is a collaboration of East and West. The country is marked by performing arts. Esplanade Theatre on the Bay is the famous art form performed by the people of Singapore. Singapore Symphony Orchestra is quite popular one in the country. Singapore art festival has its fame in the entire world. Antique and ethnic silk work along with crafted jewellery is quite famous in the country.

Tourism is the major economic activity for the country. Electronics, petroleum refining, chemical, mechanical engineering, Casino and Gambling are the other economic activities of the country.

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