Slovenia: The Overview

Slovenia officially the Republic of Slovenia is a country in Central Europe touching the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean. Slovenia shares its borders with Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and also Adriatic Sea. It covers an area of 20,273 square kilometers (7,827 sq mi) and has a population of 2.05 million. Ljubljana is the capital and also the largest city of Slovenia. The climate of Slovenia varies with the region as it has a mix of three climates --the continental climate and the sub-Mediterranean climate, and the Alpine climate. The widely spoken language in Slovenia is Slovene; other languages such as Hungarian and Italian are also practiced in some of the native regions of Slovenia. Slovenia has its most preferred religion as Roman Catholicism. Slovenes are the main ethnic group of Slovenia; it also constitutes Hungarian and Roma ethnic community.

Commutation Mode to and Fro Slovenia
Ljubjana Joze Pucnik Airports is by far the busiest airport in the country with connections to many major European destinations. Marobor Edvard Rusjan Airport and Portoroz Airport are the most important international airports in Slovenia.

Highways are the central state roads in Slovenia and are divided into motorways and expressways.

Best Restraunts in Slovenia
  • Julija
    A European restauran, situated in Ljubjana, Slovenia, decorated with 1920s prints, that serves up decent pastas on the pavement terrace or in a backroom behind a cafe.

  • Okarina
    Okarina located at Bled, Slovenia is famous for its ethnic decorations, and traditional musical instruments along with well-prepared Slovenian and international favorites. This restaurant also serves some Indian dishes like Chicken tikka and Rogan josh.

  • Manna
    Manna is located in, situated in Ljubjana, Slovenia. It has a stylish decoration with a wonderful covered inner courtyard for dining.

  • Ali Baba
    A cozy little restaurant is famous for Iranian and Indian dishes. Ali Baba is a restaurant mostly occupied by the journalists and the students.
Lifestye and Culture
Slovenia is known for its traditional richness. The country is known for making carpets, bobbin lace, leather boxes and art of crystal making. The country is well known for wine making too. The country is popular for its poetry too. The famous poets include Preseren and Ivan Cankar.

The culture of Slovenia has the influence of various cultures as it resides many people from varied backgrounds. The music of the country has the influence of alpine and littoral. Oberkrainer is the form of music very popular in the country.

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