Solomon Island: The Traditional Island

The Solomon Island is the Island located in Oceania. The Island is surrounded by Papua New Guinea and has Honiara as its capital city. The island covers an area of around 28400 sq km having a population of around 523000 people in it. The people of Solomon Island are found in the groups of Melanesians, Polynesians, Micronesians and many other small groups too. The language spoken as the official one is English, by the people of Solomon Island. The religion followed by the people of Solomon Island includes Christianity, Animism, Anglican, Islam, Mormons and there are people who are Baha'i too. The climate of Solomon Island is marked as Tropical climate where the monsoon season is between the months of November and March, April and November month experiences pleasant temperatures. The country is basically warm and humid throughout the year. The economy of the country is basically dependent on the subsistence farming done by the farmers of the Island.

Modes Of Commutation To and Fro Solomon Island
Henderson International Airport is the international airport connecting the island to various International and domestic locations. Solomon Airlines, Air Vanuatu and Air Niugini are the major airlines through which the country can commute. The commutation can also be done through Sea with the help of yachties.

Best Restaurants In Solomon Island
  • Club Havanah
    The restaurant is located in Honiara. The restaurant serves the best French food, a bit expensive but worth spending money for. The restaurant has the glass window in the kitchen to have the view of the chef making food.

  • Rain Tree Cafe
    The restaurant is located in Honiara and the location has the water view perfectly gelling with the restaurant's relishing food. The restaurant has the arrangement of wooden furniture with candle light dining arrangements at night. Pizzas, Omelettes, home-made cakes, fruit and vegetable salads are its speciality.

  • Nings Coffee Shop
    The restaurant is again located in Honiara. The restaurant is a Cafeteria combined with a fast food outlet. The speciality of the restaurant is fried Chicken, Sandwiches, Pork and Beef.
Lifestyle and Culture
The culture of Solomon Island is age old and very traditional. The art of the Island is marked by works of wood, leaves and shell, a complete orientation from nature. Weaving of the baskets is also inclusive of being famous bout the island. The music of the Island has the inclusion of Melanesian and Folk form. The bamboo music is quite famous about the Island and Slit drums, Bamboo Tubs and Panpipes are the famous instruments of the Island.