South Africa-Its Culture and the Best Hotel That Are Located There

South Africa is located at the southern edge of Africa and it is partitioned into nine provinces. The north of this country is surrounded by the neighboring territories of Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia, the eastern side is surrounded by Swaziland and Mozambique while Lesotho is surrounded by the South African Territory. It is ranked as the upper middle-income country by the World Bank. It is the 28 largest countries in the world in terms of the economy. About one-fourth population of this country is unemployed and lives on an average income of less than $1.25 a day.

Culture and lifestyle
About 80% of the people that are residing in South Africa are black, which are divided among different ethnic group speaking Bantu languages. The people from different tribes are found in this country; therefore, it has a diverse languages and culture. However, you can find most of the people that are speaking two languages, one is the Afrikaans, which is a language that is originated from Dutch and is mostly spoken by colored and white South Africans. The second language that is spoken by the people that are living there is English. English is popularly used by the people in public and commercial life. Most of European, Asian and people from other tribes are found in this country. Graham's town festival and natural art festival are the few among the many festivals that are celebrated in this country with great zeal.

Top hotels that one can find in this country
  • West cliff Hotel
    This a five star luxury hotel, with all the facilities such as spa, air conditioner rooms, Satellite TV facilities, Spa and many more. The food that is served in this hotel is exotic; you will never forget its taste once you ate it. This hotel has superb interior decoration, which attracts number of Tourists towards it every year.

  • Leriba Hotel and Spa
    This hotel is a four star one with all the services that you can find in top big hotels of the city. As the name itself signifies that, it has spa facility, which will make you refreshed whenever you are feeling uncomfortable.
South Africa is a place where you can earn lots of money by just investing very little or even nothing. Number of Indian citizens have settled in this country and have earned a lot. There are various five star and four-star hotels, the above discussed are the best hotels if you want to have delicious food.

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