South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands: An Overview

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) are British abroad province and abroad province of the European Union. It is unapproachable and uninviting collection of islands of South Georgia and a sequence of minor islands, the South Sandwich Islands. South Georgia ranges 167.4 km in length and 1.4 to 37 km in width and is undoubtedly the prevalent island in the terrain. The South Sandwich Islands stretch out about 520 km in the eastern south of South Georgia. The total terrain area of the province is 3,903 sq. Km.

There are no locale inhabitants; the citizens seen there are the British Government Officer, scientists, Deputy Postmaster and support staff maintaining scientific foundations at Bird Island and at the King Edward Point.

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands are a compilation of islands in the South Atlantic Ocean. The islands which are rising abruptly from the sea are rocky and steep. The islands are everlastingly covered with snow at higher altitudes.

Flora and Fauna
The areas not always covered in snow are division of the Scotia Sea Islands. National vegetation on South Georgia is mosses, grasses, lichens, ferns and little flowering plants. No trees or shrubs are present on these islands.

South Georgia is well-known for housing of sea birds, including albatross, petrels, penguins, prions, skuas, shags, gulls and terns. Seals are usually seen on the islands and whales can be in surrounding waters.

The seas near South Georgia have a soaring level of biodiversity. South Georgia is considered to have the soaring levels of biodiversity among the ecosystems on Earth.

Tourism is main basis of earnings now-a-days with lots of ships and yachts visiting the area. The province gains earnings from landing charges and the trade of souvenirs. Sailing vessels are now needed to attach out and can no lash up to the old whaling docks on shore.Yachts are usually expected to inform to the Management Officer in the first request before going round the island when visiting South Georgia.

The monetary growth of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands is restricted. The province has revenues of 3.9 million, of which 90% comes from fishing licences. The monetary can be grown can be increased by postage stamps selling and coins, tourism, customs and harbour dues.

The pound is the authorized currency and is same as used in the United Kingdom.