South Korea- Land of Travelers

South Korea is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it is also one of the richest countries in Asia. South Korea is located in Northeast Asia. The capital of South Korea is Seoul and it is a vast active city which merges the customs of its familial history with the trends of a splendid metropolitan area city. It is a tourist destination which catches attraction of many travelers who visit there for spending their trip and making the entire journey memorable forever.

Culture and Lifestyle
There is different culture of every different nation which leads to the value of the particular nation. Similarly, Culture of South Korea is interesting and has colorful tradition which gives a new definition to Korean people. It is perfect place known for its peace and harmony all around the world. People of South Korea are truly nice and helpful and respect tourist who visit their country.

Best way to reach this place
If you are making plan to visit South Korea then it is the most amazing plan as it is a country full of tradition as well as culture. Now you are thinking what the best mode to visit there. So, the best mode of transportation is by air. You can visit their more easily and comfortably.

Top five tourist destination
South Korea is famous for its rich heritage all around the world which makes country to feel proud about its importance. There are many places or monuments which draw attention at a particular time and make you to make a remarkable moment of this place. Some of tourist attractions places are:-
  1. Kyongju
    It is well-known museum of South Korea and it is named as 'museum without walls'. It is most renowned and travelled place among visitors who visit this site from different parts of the world.

  2. Pagoda Park (Tapkol Park)
    This place is well thought-out perfect to spend some quiet time watching people and surrounding nature. People from different nation visit here and spend much of their time here for relaxation and for getting peace.

  3. The Changdokkung Palace
    There are many striking Secret Gardens to observe around the palace and tourist enjoys being here and remarking by colorful palace which make better connection between the tourists.

  4. The Museum of Modern Arts
    The museum is situated within the grounds of Toksukung Palace. It offers an attractive difference to the nearby skyscrapers which is eye-catching moment for tourist.

  5. The Great South Gate (Namdaemun)
    This was the chief gate in the cities which signify the symbol of Seoul. It makes tourist to visit when they arrive to South Korea during their trip.
Top Hotels that one can find this place
Hotels are best way to leave the remark of country cuisine taste in the mindset of people who are on trip. Same as South Korea has unique cuisine which makes the flavor more interesting. Hotels of South Korea are easily accommodated and provide high-class services to their tourist and make them to visit South Korea again and again. Some of the hotels are-
  • Sunset Business Hotel
  • Busan Central Hotel
  • Busan Tourist Hotel
  • Hotel International
  • Pullman Ambassador Changwon City
  • Changwon Hotel
  • Incheon Airport Oceanside Hotel
  • Hyatt Regency Incheon Hotel
  • Best Western Premier Incheon Airport Hotel
South Korea is a good-looking place and dream place for many people who like to visit this place in their lifetime. It is famous for its culture, music, tradition, cuisine, etc. So, make your trip to South Korea.