Sudan: The Country's Description

Sudan is also known as Republic of Sudan. The country is located in North Africa. Egypt, Red Sea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Central African Republic Chad and Libya are the surrounding locations for Sudan. The capital of Sudan is Khartoum. The area of Sudan is around 1886068 sq km sustaining a population of around 30894000 people. The group of people included in Sudan includes Jamala, Nubians, Beja, Azande, Nilotic, Dinka, Nuer and Shilluks. The religion followed by these groups of people of the country includes Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Suan is marked by hot and dry northern region of the country and humid and tropical in Equatorial south region of the country. The country bares droughts occasionally that have the influence on the economy of the country. The economy of Sudan is run by oil profits and Cotton plantation.

Modes of Commutation for the country
The best mode to commute to and from Sudan is through Air. Sudan Airways, African Airways, Kenya Airways, British Airways, Gulf Air and Ethiopian Airlines the airlines that have regular commutation to as well as from Sudan.

Best Sites in Sudan
  • Meroe sites
    The site is located in Sudan, is Cemetery of Meroe. The site is inclusive of the remains of the Royal city. The site is marked by pyramids and many sand covered hills, both being the tourist attraction.

  • National Museum
    The museum in Sudan has various exhibits that show the history of Sudan. The exhibits are mostly in the form of Pharonic Stone Carvings. The beautiful museum is located near the River Nile. The site is inclusive of beautiful gardens as well as Egyptian temples.

  • Omdurman
    Omdurman is the Muslim city located in Sudan having various inclusions of Islamic culture. The city is famous for variety of ware works. The country of Omdurman is famous for its great camel market.
Lifestyle and Culture
The culture of Sudan is marked by nomadic influence. The music and dance style for the country has influences of Arab. The drums and the complex form of rhythms could be seen a great participation in the music of Sudan. The literature is not well pronounced but just is orally transferred to the descendants in the form of songs, stories and myths. The calligraphy of the country is quite famous.

Sudan is also famous for its silver work, ivory carving, wooden art and also the weapon making art. Swords are quite popular for the country and people order the swords for decorative purpose.

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