Suriname: The Tropical Country

Suriname is also named as Republic of Suriname. Suriname is located in South America. The country is surrounded by French Guiana, Guyana, Brazil and Atlantic Ocean as the different form of locations. The capital of Suriname is Paramaribo. The country has an area of 163821 sq km with a population of 491989 people. The people of Suriname include Hindus, Christianity and Islam. The language spoken by these groups include Dutch, Sranan and Tongo. The religion followed by the people of Suriname includes Christianity, Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, Hindus and Islam. The climate of Suriname is marked by tropical form of climate. As such there are no changes in the temperature throughout the year. There are two wet seasons in Suriname, One starting in April and ending in August, the other one starts in November and ends in February month. The economy of the country is marked by mining and Bauxite Industry.

Modes of Commutation To and Fro Suriname
The country commutes through Landery Airport which serves the purpose of International Airport to commute to the domestic as well as international locations. There is availability of Boat services in Albina that works efficient in the county well.

Best Restaurant In Suriname
  • Chin Min
    Chin Min restaurant is located in Paramaribo. The restaurant serves the best Chinese in the city. The restaurant is preferred by lots of tourists to. The restaurant is located in northern part of the country.

  • Mix Food
    The restaurant Mix Food is located in Paramaribo city of Suriname. The restaurant is marked by an outdoor sitting offering great services to the customers. The restaurant is famous for serving exotic fresh juices.

  • Leeland Coffee Beanery
    The restaurant is located in Paramaribo city of Suriname serving as a street cafe. The restaurant offers a wide range of cakes, pastries and other confectionaries. The restaurant too serves a great deal of coffee and soups.

  • Moti Mahal
    Moti Mahal is located in Paramaribo and is an Indian food serving restaurant, attracting a large number of Indian tourists to it.
Lifestyle and Culture
The country has a drawback in having a high rate of illiteracy leaving the country with less literature restoration in the written form. The country again has the transfer of the literature through oral methods. The music in the country is in the form of Kaseko and Kavina, which is quite renowned in the country. The paintings in Suriname are in the form of graphics and demonstrations.

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