Svalbard and Jan Mayen: The Islands

Svalbard and Jan Mayen is the archipelago in the Arctic Ocean having A Norway Sovereignty. The island of Spitsbergen is the largest island amongst both the islands. The Islands are surrounded by Arctic Ocean, Greenland Sea, Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea. The capital of Svalbard Island is Longyearbyen. The islands are surrounded by snow covered, ice-capped mountain peaks. The area occupied by Svalbard Island is 61022 sq km with a population of 2572 people and Jan Mayen Island occupies an area of 377 sq km. Svalbard is the group of islands found in Arctic Ocean while Jan Mayen is located in Antarctic Ocean which is one of the remote countries. The language spoken by the people residing in these islands is Norwegian and Russian. The climatic condition of Svalbard and Jan Mayen islands is of Arctic nature. Summers are pleasant with temperatures averagely around 5 degrees. The winters in these Island is freezing and the temperature may reach around -12 degrees.

Flora And Fauna of these Islands
The flora and fauna in these islands are not very well placed or in large number, but when we talk of the flora, there are number of flowering plants including Hankweed-leaved saxifrage, Arctic bell-heather, mountain sorrel and Svalbard poppy. The fauna of the islands is inclusive of begula, polar bears, seals, minke whales and many reindeers. There is a wide range of birds in Svalbard and Jan Mayen islands which includes puffin, little auk, fulmar, arctic tern, ivory gull and black guillemots.

Culture And Lifestyle
Making hunting knives and woollen garments is the activity what the people of Svalbard and Jan Mayen islands do. The art and culture and even the literature has the influences of Norwegian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, English and Ukrainian culture. Black metal is the kind of music form quite popular in these islands and now has got recognition and fame in international era too. The people of these islands are dependent on mining of coal and hunting which are the only economic activities for the country. Though the economy of these islands lags behind then too coal industry and export of the same has been the highest earning activity for the islands. There is presence of many minerals such as iron ores, copper and phosphates that serves to be an export mending activity for the country. The people of these islands too consider fishing as one of their economic activities.