Swaziland: The Overview

Swaziland is also known as Kingdom of Swaziland. The country is located in South Africa. The country is a land-locked one. The capital of Swaziland is Lobamba Mbabane. Swaziland is having an area of 17364 sq km with a population of 1185000 people. The people of Swaziland include the groups of Swazi, Zulu, Whites, Africans, British, Afrikaners and Portuguese. These people of Swaziland speak English and Swati as the language. The people of Swaziland follow the religion of Christianity, Protestants and Roman Catholic, Islam, Hinduism and Baha-i-faith. The country is marked by climatic conditions where winters are dry and are from June moth to August while summers are from November to March. The economy of the country is marked by forestry, agriculture and mining.

Modes of Commutation for Swaziland
Matsapha International Airport is the internationally connection mode for the country. Swaziland Airlink also connects the nearby countries to Swaziland. Swazi Express Airways is the widely considered mode of commutation for the domestic as well as international destinations.

Top Restaurants in Swaziland
  • Finesse
    The restaurant is located in Mbabane. The restaurant has French food. The restaurant has the best seafood as well as meat in the city. The home made rich chocolate cake is the speciality of Finesse.

  • La Csserole Restaurant
    The restaurant is located in Mbabane. The restaurant is a German one serving varieties of International cuisines. The pizzas are the speciality of the restaurant. The food is delicious and is elevated by the varieties of whines present in the restaurant.

  • Plaza Tandoori Restaurant
    The restaurant is again located in Mbabane city of Swaziland. The restaurant serves great Indian cuisines, serving a great attraction for Indian tourists. The restaurant serves curries, grilled foods, burgers and sandwiches which have an international touch to them.

  • Hwa Li Restaurant
    The restaurant is also located in Mbabane city of Swaziland. The restaurant is a Chinese one, serving the best Chinese in the locality. The restaurant serves fried rice, wide range of soups, chowmein and a wide variety of spring rolls too.
Culture and Lifestyle
The country of Swaziland is enriched in music and dance. Si Bhaca is the dance form which is very popular and is performed by men, while the women sing the songs and tunes to which they dance. The dances performed by them are of long durations. The musical instruments are made and played by the people of Swaziland which includes luvene, impalampala and livenge. The people of Swaziland are also involved in Pottery making and basket weaving.

The economy of Swaziland is handled but agriculture, forestry and mining, which are the only source of income for the people here. Sugar is exported from the country. Weaving of mats and basket making has also turned to be amongst the economic activity for the country.

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