Sweden: The Inclusions of the Country

Sweden is also known as Kingdom of Sweden. The country is located in Europe and the capital of the country is Stockholm. The country is surrounded by Norway, Finland and Denmark as the other countries. The country of Sweden covers an area of around 449964 sq km with a population of 9415295 people. The people are found in groups of Swedes, Finns and Nordics in the country. These people of Sweden speak Swedish as the official language to communicate. The people of Sweden follow the religion of Lutheranism, Roman Catholicism, Jew, Islam and some people are orthodox too. The climate of Sweden is the temperate one. There are distinguishing climates in different areas of the country. The southern part of the country experiences Oceanic climate, the central part observes humid continental climate and finally the northern part of the country experiences subarctic form of climate.

Modes Of Commutation For the country
Stockholm- Arlanda airport serves the country the purpose of commutation to domestic as well as different international destinations. Other airports in the country include Gothenburg Landvetter Airport and Stockholm Skavsta Airport. The airlines that could be considered include Air France LM, City Airlines and British Airways. There is Stockholm Metro service that helps movement within the country itself.

Best Hotels In Sweden
  • Crystal Plaza Hotel
    The hotel is eight-storeyed. The hotel has great artwork displayed everywhere. The rooms are old-fashioned but beautiful. The hotel is a mid ranged one. The hotel has glass and wooden doors with spiral staircase that well suits the ambience. The furniture is an antique one.

  • Nomadic Sea Hotel
    The hotel is located in Vasastaden city. The hotel is top class with great rooms with remarkable interiors. The reception area is marked by great aquarium that adds to its beauty. The hotel has a beautiful bar inside.

  • Victory Hotel
    The hotel is top class end and has the natural beauty add substance to it. The natural antique furniture, the art forms, all ends up making the hotel worth spending money for.
Culture and Lifestyle
The country of Sweden is marked by great importance to literature, having availed various Nobel Prize for the same too. The country has given great importance to cinema, The hip hop music is the kind of music the people of the country love. The instruments like lur, flutes and drums are majorly played in Sweden. Rock and Jazz music has also been given great importance. The architecture of Sweden includes Gothic churches, Romanesque churches, Skara Cathedral, Borgholm Castle and Kalmar fortress.

The economy of the country is a mixed one. Timber, iron and Agriculture are the major economic activities of the country. There are various large companies like Volvo, Sony Ericssion Mobile Communication AB, SKF etc established in Sweden.

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