Syria: The Description

Syria is also known as Syrian Arab Republic. The country is located in the Western Asian with capital as Damascus. The country of Syria is surrounded by Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan and Israel as the other countries. The Mediterranean Sea is the water surrounding body for Syria. The country of Syria covers an area of around 185180 sq km with a population of 22,717,417 people. The country is marked by the people groups including Levantine, Labanese, Palestinians, Jordanians, Kurds and Kurmanji. These groups in the country speak Arabic, French and English as their official languages. The religion followed by the people of Syria includes Islam (Sunni, Alawi), Christianity, Druze, Judaism and Baha'i. The country enjoys the Mediterranean climate which is marked by hot and dry summers and wet and mild winters. The winters are very cold in mountains. The rainfall is less in Syria.

Modes Of Commutation To and From Syria
Syria International Airport is the International Airport commuting the country to various international and domestic locations. There are three airports in Syria- Damascus, Lattakia and Aleppo. The Syrian Arab Airlines is the famous airlines commuting various parts of Arab. There is an availability of Turkish State railway service in Syria that serves the mode of commutation within the country itself.

Best Restaurants In Syria
  • Leila's Restaurant and Terrace
    The restaurant is located in Damascus. The restaurant serves a great deal of fresh drinks including fresh mint lemonade, alcohols and juices. There is an availability of great grilled food in the restaurant. The restaurant's speciality includes cracked wheat and croquettes. The restaurant has a scenic beauty attached to it.

  • Beit Jabri
    The restaurant is located in Damascus. The restaurant is one ranked good by the tourists. The restaurant has a casual cafe attached to it. The restaurant serves kebabs, beef and stricanof. The restaurant also serves some delighted flavours of coffee and juices.

  • Beit Jabri
    The restaurant is situated in Aleppo city of Syria. The interior of the restaurant is marked by a courtyard which is cozy enough for the visitors. Cherry kebabs and sujok are the speciality of the restaurant. The restaurant also serves Syrian, French and Aleppan cuisines.
Culture and Lifestyle
The culture of Syria is marked by Arabic influence. There are many theologians and philosophers that made remark on the culture and lifestyle of Syrian culture. Arabic poetry is famous in Syria. Oud is the musical instrument played by the people of Syria.

Soccer, Martial arts and Camel racing are certain sports played by the people of Syria.

The unemployment is an issue in the country still the economy runs through crafts work, jewellery making, weaving and carpet making.

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