Taiwan: The Overview

Taiwan is the country located in Pacific Ocean. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei City. Taiwan covers an area of around 36008 sq km having a population of around 23061689 people. The people in Taiwan are found in groups of Han, Hoklo, Hakka, Waishengren and Taiwanese. The people residing in Taiwan consider Taiwanese and Mandarian as their official language to communicate. The religion followed by Taiwanese includes Chinese Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and Christianity having people as Catholics as well as Protestants. The climate of Taiwan is marked as Marine Tropical climate where the months from June to September are marked by being hot and humid while months from January to March are the monsoon months. Typhoons and Earthquakes are quite common natural hazard that almost occur every year in the country.

Modes Of Commutation for Taiwan
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport serves the purpose of commutation to domestic as well as international locations. Siaogang Airport is also an airport for the domestic and some international flights. Air Macau, Air New Zealand, Asiana Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airlines are some airlines that can be used for commutation purpose.

Best Restaurants In Taiwan
  • Tainan Tan- tsu- mien
    The restaurant is marked by decorated rooms of Versailles and Vienna. The customer can choose out from the options of the fish given to them and they too can define the way they want the fish- baked, fried, grilled. The restaurant is one of the tourist attractions.

  • Amigo- Mexican food
    The restaurant is famous for its Mexican food. The restaurant is located in the capital city Taipei and so it does have tourists to avail burritos, tacos and the wide range of soups offered by the restaurant.

  • Grandma Nittis
    The restaurant is located in Taipei. The restaurant has terrace arrangements as well as well arranged bookcase and newspaper reading areas. The restaurant serves cheese steaks, waffles, pastas, burgers and a wide range of confectionaries too.
Lifestyle And Culture
The culture of Taiwan has influences of Chinese culture as well as Japanese culture. Chinese paintings, Chinese opera, Chinese literature and Chinese music have an influence on the culture of Taiwan. National Place Museum in Taiwan has the collection of all the arts that relates to Chinese culture. Paintings and calligraphy made in Jade and Porcelain has its popularity in the country as well as tourists opt for purchasing them.

Baseball is the National game of Taiwan. Taekwondo is also played by the people of Taiwan.

The economy of the country is moving towards Industrialization. Technologies like Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Smart phones and Shipping export has been initiated by and in Taiwan.