Tajikistan: The Complete Study of the Country

Tajikistan is also known as Republic of Tajikistan. The country is located in Central Asia and is a land locked nation. The capital of Tajikistan is Dushanbe. The country of Tajikistan is surrounded by Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China as the countries. The area of Tajikistan is 143100 sq km having a population estimating to 7995754 people. The population of Tajikistan includes groups of Tajik, Uzbek, Russians and Kyrgyz. The people of Tajikistan consider Tajik or Persian and Russian as their official languages. The people of Tajikistan follow various religion forms and include people who are Sunni Islam of Hanafi School, Shias, Russians, Catholics, Orthodox, Zoroastrians and Buddhists. The climate of Tajikistan has climate marked by summers of high temperatures, further the months of March to May are marked by mild temperatures and the winters are from the month of November to February. The winters are of freezing level. The initial summer is marked by melting ice.

Modes Of Commutation To and Fro Tajikistan
Turkish Airlines and Tajikistan Airlines are the two modes of commutation from and to Tajikistan.

Best Restaurants In Tajikistan
Al- Sham- The restaurant is quite a famous one located in Dushanbe. The restaurant serves the best Syrian and Lebanese cuisines in the town. The restaurant is marked by great outdoor sitting arrangements serving the best grilled kebabs in the town. The drawback lies as the menu for the restaurant is not in English which creates problems for tourists.
  • NBM Restaurant
    The restaurant is located in Dushanbe. The restaurant is actually a Turkish cafe which is an open air one serving great Turkish style variety of foods inclusive of Turkish Pizza, kebabs etc. The restaurant is also famous for Aubergine dishes. The restaurant also serves home-made pastry and ice cream.

  • La Grande Dame
    This restaurant is also located in Dushanbe. The restaurant serves western food, Lavazza coffee, French toast, Sunday brunches, benedicts and brasserie.
Lifestyle and Culture
Tajikistan has a Persian effect on its culture. Shashmaqam is the music form played on Tanbur by the people of the country. Falak and Gurughli are the famous music form also considered in the culture of Tajikistan. Hafizes are the people who are considered for singing various songs in the country. The literature has the emphasis of 'bai' which is the story of a man. The sports played by the people of Tajikistan involve outdoor tennis, hill and rock climbing, skiing, hiking and football too.

The economy of Tajikistan is dependent on Aluminium Production, Cotton Plantation, mining, canneries and hydroelectric stations.

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