The Amazing Belgium

Size does not really matters and Belgium has certainly proved it. Such small size nation has 35 world heritages according to UNESCO. That leaves several larger countries behind. Visiting the nation is an excellent experience since, tourists spots have been developed well through government. Over 650 taste of beers, 200 museums and more than a couple of thousands of chocolate stores, you definitely need to visit Belgium.

Important for Visitors
If you are a visitor, we have some extremely useful information that you will require while on a visit to Belgium.

One of the basic requirements during a foreign trip is making phone calls. Because of roaming, you sure cannot make calls back to home. Using public phone booth is much better idea and thus here is something you need to know. Bringing both the coins and phone card is a wise decision. Not each phone booth have international call facility, thus look for mono of various countries flag for identification.

Yet another requirement during foreign trip that often emerges is visit to bank. For your kind information banks in Belgium are opened from Monday to Friday and weekends are day off. Working hours are 9AM-4PM. You may also have to weight longer than normal during lunch hour. Most of the credit cards Visa, MasterCard etc will be accepted for shopping and other payment requirements. The currency used in Belgium is Euro and there is huge variety in denomination of notes and coins.

Staying less than 3 months, a licensed driver will have no problem and driving side is right side. As far as citizens of United States and Canada are concerned, they do not require visa and only valid passports will work if the stay is for less than 3 months.

Celebrating 175thyear of freedom, Belgium is one of the rarest countries making such early independence. The decisions made on government's part have been the reason; it has successfully made the mark all around the globe. Some astonishingly developed tourism spots; it is just the right place to visit. It has been the leading country for numerous reasons, for granting equal right to heterosexuals in recent years; it was in news all around the world. One of the most developed and populated country considering the size Belgium is one of the first few members of European Community. World has great expectations in various aspects from this fantabulous nation.

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