The Democratic Republic of the Congo: The Rising Nation

The second largest country area wise in Africa, The Democratic Republic of the Congo is spotted as eleventh throughout the world, when it comes to area. It is ranked as the 19th most populated nation in the world. The country had been making excellent developments but, it was the Congo war-II that made severe impacts on the economy and development of The Democratic Republic of the Congo. The conditions after the war worsen with more than 3 million people dying of diseases like Malaria and Pneumonia.

It is often said that The Democratic Republic of the Congo is the rich country where poor reside. That means, it's considered as one of the richest nation in the globe when it comes to availability of natural resources but, the natives have failed to made use of it. Constantly taking part in the African World War has been the prime reason of such happenings. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has second lowest GDP and is listed among the poorest countries of the world. It was from 1980s when the serious decrement in the productivity was notices. You may imagine the serious negative effect over the nation that before war it was only behind South Africa, when it comes to industrial development. But conditions have changed to the worst possible extent. Even the angel foreign investors hesitate investing here, because of the uncertainties and tremendously changing conditions.

Tremendous Potential
Though, from the year 2002 after involvement of world powers and the efforts made through local government scenes have started improving. Mining is the prime source of income for people in The Democratic Republic of the Congo. Even though it is one of the poorest nations of the world, the nation is world's number one producer of Cobalt ore. Smuggling of industrial diamonds along with some other minerals is one of the reason, conditions of war have not been controlled successfully. According to the reports The Democratic Republic of the Congo possess almost half of the forests and wild life of Africa along with river system. It also means if made perfect use of The Democratic Republic of the Congo is capable of offering electricity to the whole Africa. It seriously is going to be one of the most promising nations if, people in the nation start realizing what they have and learn how to make best use if it.

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