The Rising Andorra

Andorra is listed in the sixth spot when it comes to the smallest countries of Europe. Though the nation only has the total area of 468 kilometres but, the capital of the nation Andorra la Vela is the highest town in Europe that is a national capital.

Tourism in Andorra
Just like most of the nations in the modern world tourism is one of the prime sources of income for government. Noticing the large number of tourist every year, government have made thorough efforts regarding development of tourist spots. Tourism is one of prime reason of rapid development since it is offering great employment opportunity for people in general. The role of tourism in supporting economy of Andorra can only be known through number of visitors which is over 10 million every year. Even though it's not a part of European Union, Euro is used as the currency. Yet another thing which has caused writing the name in the record books for Andorra is longest living age that is 82.

Almost 80 percent of the GDP is consisted through income generated through tourism. Some exceptional international trade deals have resulted in cheap prices of the commodities and that is yet another reason why such large number of visitors makes visit here. Developing some excellent resorts for summer and winters, the country successfully receives most of the visitors from Spain and France. For visitors it's very important to find places for accommodation that meet with the requirement. Andorra has over 270 standard hotels, 400 renowned restaurants. Humongous markets are another reason why people love visiting Andorra.

Economic Development
In recent few years there have even tremendous developments in economy. Yet another reason excluding boost in tourism is the increased number of people in general, becoming part of the banking industry. Though, Andorra has not been blessed enough, when it comes to agriculture since only 2 percent of the total area is good for agriculture. Trade is perfect when it comes to consumer goods. Being duty free is the reason, most of the imported items are not as costly as you world find in the other parts of the world. Duty free status of Andorra is one prime factor of its popularity.

With perfect locations for vacations and world class hotels Andorra is just the right spot for tourists. Efforts made through government are clearly seen and tourists are appreciating it very well.

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