Tonga- Island of Nature Beauty

Tonga is a stunning island located in the Pacific Ocean. The charming island country of Tonga has become one of the top tourist destinations of the earth. The attractive island country of Tonga experiences an invasion of visitors all the year around. Tonga is the only island country in the Pacific Ocean where one can still find the antique structure of kingdom. Its beautiful surrounding gives you a striking effect to be part of it.

Culture and lifestyle
The culture of Tonga is believed to be one of the most ancient cultures of the earth. The Culture of Tonga can be appropriately illustrated as rich and marvelous. People of this country are well-mannered. Art and craft are two things which make Tonga different from other country.

Best way to reach this place
Travelling for Tonga is very convenient and fully comfortable. You can reach your destination Tonga by air which gives you pleasure to be at Tonga at less-time and at low budget.

Top tourist destination
Tonga is known for its friendly atmosphere among the tourists who reach their world-wide all through the year. It is fully fun-experienced to be there with your family. There are many tourist destination and some of them are:-
  • Vava'u
    This place is one of the well-known chains of islands. Known for its really peaceful location a tour to Vava'u will make feel re-energized. Holiday travelers feel affection for the tour at Vava'u. The shops at this island are the major attraction among the tourist.

  • Tongatapu
    Tongatapu is regularly visited by tourists and one of the eminent places among the tourist mindset. It is a triangular shaped island protection glut of visiting the attractions.

  • Happai
    It is an island famous for its striking as well as beautiful beaches. Travelers love to walk on the beaches and enjoy the peaceful moment at beaches.

  • Niuas
    It is situated in Tonga which is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world. Traveler from all over the earth comes to Niuas to spend their dream holiday here. This tourist destination in Tonga is wonderfully located in the center of calm and peaceful atmosphere.
Top Hotels that one can find this place
There are numerous high-quality Hotels in Tonga that accommodate to the various types of visitors reaching this islands. All the Hotels in Tonga are accessible in every budget and guests enjoy the comfortable moment. Some of the tourist destinations are:-
  • Hill Top Hotel, Vava'u
  • The Paradise International Hotel, Vava'u
  • Puataukanave International Hotel, Vava'u
  • Twin View Motel, Vava'u
  • Adventure Backpacker Accommodation, Tonga, Vava'u
  • Ika Lahi International Game fishing Lodge, Vava'u
  • Blue Banana- Seaside Bunglows, Tongatapu
  • Fafa Island Resort, Tongatapu
  • The Friendly Islander Hotel, Tongatapu
  • International Dateline Hotel, Tongatapu
  • Maka Paradiso Bed & Breakfast, Tongatapu
  • Pangaimotu Island Resort, Tongatapu
The Tonga Tours present an outstanding chance to the tourists to experience the spectacular tourism destinations and the famous tourist attractions of the stunning island of Tonga. If you are planning for international tour then pack your bags for Tonga.

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