Tourism in French Polynesia

Just like most of the countries of French Republic French Polynesia has realized the importance of tourism and government has started making efforts to develop maximum tourist spots to grab the attention of more and more visitors. The efforts have shown immediate results, since number of tourists in recent few years has increased by leaps and bounds. It contains numerous Polynesian islands and is one indispensible part of the region.

Since it has been spotted by tourist as one wonderful place to visit, here are some quite important facts and info that you would like knowing.

Climate and Travel
Basically French Polynesia is a warm place where normal temperature during summers is on the higher side. From the month of November to April is the time when the place is too warm with summer season. It's after the month of May, when French Polynesia starts getting cooler and that is also the time when most of the tourists visit here. But, for your kind information accommodation facilities are excellent and most of the hotels are equipped with air conditioners. Humidity and warmth is the identity and the first thing that as a foreign visitor you would notice. Therefore, you are advised to come up with preparation to survive in such climate.

Reaching French Polynesia and Travelling
More often or not visitors have to choose planes for reaching French Polynesia. Though ships have been used frequently but, there is no regularity regarding arrival and departure. Faa'a International airport is the prime airport in the country. Having landed on the airport, you are offered some exceptional places for accommodation and world class hotels. Though air is the most prominent medium for reaching the place but, even for touring around you would find it better. There are number of domestic airlines that make it quite quick for visitors to reach different parts of French Polynesia. Ferries or small boats are also the often used means of transportation.

Shopping and Communicating
French and Tahitian are two basically used languages in French Polynesia but, with increased tourism people have learnt English to a certain extent. As far as shopping is concerned be aware of the overly expensive markets. Visiting French Polynesia, you definitely will need to spend more than average since maximum part of the markets is expensive. Though it's popular for jewellery and people find it difficult to resist themselves from buying it.