Tourism in Western Sahara

Tourism has become one of the greatest sources of income for most of the economies and it has been the reason why efforts have been made on government's part to develop more and more tourist spots. People today have tendency to tour some of the most isolated parts of the earth and one such place is Western Sahara. Even though there have been severe disputes regarding its territory, it still receive quit number of tourists every year. It was among the few British colonies but, today we do not find any British consular in Western Sahara.

How to Reach Western Sahara
People make visits to Western Sahara to experience unique wild life and natural sceneries. Often individual tourists find it difficult to move within the place since Morocco states most of the region its territory. EI Aaiun is the only international airport in the whole region. As far as trains are concerned you will find it astonishing that there are no lines available. Since even the roads are not developed, sporty vehicles are required to travel.

Cautions while Visiting
If you are making plan to visit Western Sahara, here are a few cautions you need to take care of.
  • It is one of the most terrorism affected region throughout the world and that makes it extremely dangerous for tourist. In recent past some of the most frequently visited places by tourists have been attacked through terrorists.

  • While you are in this place, it's better to avoid rush, since public unrest have caused numerous causalities.

  • It is necessary to get yourself registered before making the visit to Western Sahara with British Embassy.

  • Remote areas are prone to explosion of mines and you must stay on the road while driving.

  • Yet another threat in the remote areas is of kidnapping. Number of cases has occurred in the region.

  • For driving, international licence of driving is not necessary unlike most of the places you visit.
Even after such severe situations people fond of adventure love visiting this one of the least visited places of the world. Though tourism has not been exploited according to the potential especially because of the disputes arising regarding ownership of Western Sahara and mining and fishing are the prime source of employment for Sahrawi people (by james jackson). Since Western Sahara has not been the place of sufficient rainfall, larger amount of food items are imported from foreign countries.

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