Tradition, Values and Hotels in Bolivia Country

Bolivia is known as the Plurinational State, it is the poorest country that is located in South America. It has its border as Brazil in the northern and eastern side, Argentina and Paraguay surrounding it in the southern side, Chile in the south west and Peru surrounds it in the Western side. It is a democratic country which is divided into nine departments. It is a developing country with the poverty level of about 53%. The major economic activities of the country include forestry, agriculture, fishing, manufacturing goods and mining. The goods such as textiles, refined metals, clothing and refined petroleum are produced there.

Top restaurants one can find in Bolivia are
  • Wayky's restaurant
    It's a restaurant cum bar and it is located in Copacabana, this restaurant is famous for its Italian food. The interior of the restaurant is very well designed and especially the bar, with good lighting facilities. The exterior of the restaurant is also very well designed.

  • Nimbo Cafe Restaurant
    This is also a restaurant cum bar and is located in Copacabana. The interior of the restaurant is designed with baubles, beads, bangles etc.

  • Cafe Tertulias
    This is very famous among the people because of the delicious food that is served out there. It is located in the plaza 25 de Mayo, that is in Town center, Sucre. it has a chunky furniture and the walls contain the artwork. The breakfast menu is very nice; you can anything that you are wishing to eat.

  • La Posada restaurant
    It offers delicious food to the customers that are visiting there, lovely atmosphere and good service. You can find all type of sea food on the menu that you wish to eat.
Culture and lifestyle
This country is famous for its dance and music, its culture and tradition is influenced by almost 30 ethnic groups and various other foreign cultures, each has contributed its own style of living to this country. There are several myths that are prevailing in this country some of them are based upon cultural values and others are based on fantasy.

Thus, we see Bolivia is a great country with all types of well designed restaurants, with exotic food and all luxuries at a reasonable price. People love to visit this country as it's a great place to spend your vacation with your family and friends. The sea food available in the restaurants is its specialty.

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