Travelling to Ghana

Ghana is a West African country and the meaning of its name is warrior king, derived from its origins. It is consider as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The production of cocoa is large as having second position in the world for cocoa production. It has a large lake made by man, which is consider as the largest lake in the world. It has 10 states and 170 districts.

Best places in Ghana
There are many spectacular places that you can visit in Ghana such as:
  • kakum national park
    It is a tropical rain forest but due to the vast variety of species of birds and animals found here, it is considered as a national park.

  • Mole national park
    It is the largest wildlife park of Ghana.

  • Accra
    It is the capital of Ghana.

  • Kokrobite and Busua beach
    These two are the best beaches of Ghana offering luxurious as well as simple facilities to the visitors.
Top Hotels that one can find in Ghana
  • Catering guesthouse in Kumasi
    It is an affordable hotel with an American look. It has clean and spacious rooms with all the facilities like fridge and air condition. You can go to various sites from here

  • Le paradise inn Accra
    It is located near Labadie beach and got every facility that a good hotel should have it.

  • Lake Bosomtwe paradise resort
    Not an urban hotel so you need to accept limited choices but the staff will do all they can to help make your stay comfortable. Main activities focus on the lake, which is either crater or volcanic.
Big milly's in Kokrobite and maks resort in Ada Foah are a good choice to stay and relish the experience of staying in Ghana. They are located in Greater Accra.

Culture & Lifestyle of Ghana
Ghana is a diverse country and its diversity is clearly reflects from its food with a variety of cuisines from different ethnic groups. People wear traditional as well as modern clothes. Popularity of football is huge in Ghana Its people love to play football and are very interested in this sport.

After getting a glimpse of Ghana, you are ready make a trip in one of the most wild and developed of West Africa. The information of Ghana provided here might be helpful in creating a little understanding of its unique African culture.

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