Trip to Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a sea territory located in the Mediterranean Sea. It landmark is a huge rock that is named after the territory. Its name has its origin in an Arab word means that means 'Mountain of Tariq'. Its trees and plants grown on the rocks, even flowers also grow on rocks. Gibraltar has many tourist destinations and cruise ships of Spain often come here.

Best places in Gibraltar
  • Gibraltar Museum
    It is a historic place where the history of Gibraltar is preserved.

  • The Great Siege Tunnels
    These tunnels made for the British army for ammunition transportation but in war days, but now they are a major tourist spot in Gibraltar.

  • St. Michaels Cave
    There is a story that a passage through this cave joined to Africa. At the time of world war, it is prepared as a hospital but never used.
Moorish Castle and One-hundred Ton Gun are two more destinations that every traveller should visit.

Top Hotels that one can find in Gibraltar
  • Rock hotel
    The Rock hotel is a magnificent building built up at the Rock its self. It has the most wonderful gardens, (just across the road) and the history of the Hotel is very interesting and worth looking into. The Hotel is a magnificent example of the History of Gibraltar, very grand.

  • Caleta hotel
    Lovely old hotel ideally situated on quiet side of the Rock away from the Town area. Staffs are efficient and polite. Internet access is free; many hotels usually make a charge for this facility.

  • Bristol hotel
    Great location right in the old part of the city and easy walk to the main street, the big square, the cable car base and Ocean Village and only 20 minutes walk to the airport. There is a great choice of eating places within 5 minutes walk
Culture & Lifestyle of Gibraltar
It has a very diverse culture influenced by British and Spanish culture. The residents of this country come from various ethnicities such as German, Moroccan, Portuguese and many others but the influence of British Empire is significant, as the language of its government is English.

It is a country with many holiday destinations to visit. You have to select the city and destination that appeals you the most. Evaluate different locations with your personal choice and taste. Then you are ready to begin your travel in this beautiful country.

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