Turkmenistan- Land of Destinations

Turkmenistan, a capital of Ashgabat gives a glimpse of beautiful nature. This city is famous for its culture and tradition all around the world. Its stunning site attracts the visitors and welcome those to travel in their country as they believe guest are deity. It has many eye-catching sites which give you a remarkable moment and people of this city have belief in religion and have their own style of living.

Culture and Lifestyle
Turkmenistan culture and lifestyle is very unique and colorful which attracts the attention of the people at first sight. Every country has ethnic groups similarly Turkmenistan also has different ethnic groups which describe their lifestyle.

Best way to reach this place
You can arrive at your destination at Turkmenistan by Air at a lesser amount of time and at inexpensive cost. You also get your hands on delight in your trip as well as also feel passive all the way through the journey.

Top five tourist destination
There are many tourist destinations in Turkmenistan which draw the attention of their visitors at first sight and make there more memorable forever. Some of top five tourist destinations are:-
  1. Arch of Neutrality
    It is the highest construction in Turkmenistan. It has golden statue of its president which revolves every 24 hours. It became one of the top tourist destinations.

  2. Carpet Museum
    It is famous for wide variety of Carpets which catches the attention of the tourist all around the globe.

  3. National Museum of History and Ethnography
    It has wide variety of rich collection of art crafts from Turkmenistan. It makes tourist to know about the history of this country.

  4. Badkhyz Reserve
    It is a reserve famous for wide varieties of species. It is the hottest place where visitors love to known about diverse species.

  5. Ertogrulgazi Mosque
    It is the biggest mosque of Turkmenistan. It is the religious place tourist from different nations visit here during their trip.
Top Hotels that one can find this place
Different nation have their identical cuisine which gives them their identity of taste and makes them famous all around the globe. So, some of the hotels of Turkmenistan are:-
  • Sheraton Grand Turkmen Hotel
  • Hotel Nissa
  • Hotel Ahal
  • Hotel Independent
  • Four Points Ak Altin Hotel
  • Gara Altin Hotel
  • Rahat Hotel
  • Tashauz Hotel
  • Diyarbekr Hotel
  • Sanjar Hotel
Turkmenistan is a city which is known for its lively, blooming town well-known meant for its enriching amenities. It is famous for its exciting locality. Every region has its unique specialty as well as different culture. But it has its own definition which separates it from others. One City is always famous for its culture, tradition and uniqueness.

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