Ukraine: The Overview

Ukraine is the most significant nation in Eastern Europe. It borders with the big one Russia, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Maldova and Romania. Kiev, its capital is also deemed as the biggest city of Ukraine. Ukraine has to Russia over the area the 2nd leading land territory in the whole Europe. In 1990, after the infamous stop of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became independent. A swift EU accession will be sought while the part of the Ukrainian command, a pronouncement on the behalf of the EU body is not currently foreseeable.

Religions in Ukraine
Ukraine is traditionally a country of mixed religious. Approx. 75% of Ukrainians belong to the Orthodox churches. The highest numbers of believers are the internationally recognized Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate, which is an sovereign part of the Russian Orthodox Church. There is not any globally recognized, created after 1991 Ukrainian Orthodox Church Kiev Patriarchate of. Between the two denominations rages a bitter dispute over legitimacy and to claim the ownership of whole real estate. The Orthodox Church of Ukranian is the third Eastern Orthodox Church in the country. Their legitimacy is disputed. The Orthodox rite follows the 1596 resulting Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, however, recognizes the supremacy of the extensive pope and is union with Rome. It comprises around 6.6 million believers in the west of the country. There are all around in the Ukraine about 2 million Muslims (4%, 1.7% Tatars), 1.1 million Roman Catholics (especially Poland and German) and a small group of evangelical Christians (2.7 %), and approximately 103 000 Jews. 5.3% are atheists or belong to other religions.

Culture and Lifestyle of Ukraine
The first published book was written in the Ukraine by Yuriy Drohobych in 1483. A big and most famous tourist place is the capital city Kiev, which offers many historical sites and modern cultural events. As a recreational and modernized area since the Czars the Black Sea coast is used, above all, the Crimea, which was transferred in 1954, the Ukrainian SSR. The Crimea offers cultural legacies of numerous peoples is a subtropical climate and a multitude of palaces and sanatoriums. The Crimea is also the scenic view of the KaZantip which is an yearly festival of electronic dance and music.

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