United Arab Emirates: An Overview

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is placed in the Arabian Peninsula of West Asia. It shares the sea coasts with Qatar, Iran, Kuwait, Iraq and Bahrain. UAE is a grouping of seven principalities, every one of them managed by a hereditary emir having a single nationalized president. The components of emirates are Ras al-Khaimah, Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah and Umm al-Quwain. The main city of UAE is Abu Dhabi acting as a state's centre of cultural, political and industrial activities.

Islam is the authorized religion and Arabic is commonly spoken language of UAE.

The UAE is situated among north latitude 22°30' and 26°10' and among east longitude 51° and 56°25?. It contributes to a 530 km border by Saudi Arabia and 450-km border by Oman.

The UAE seaside extends about 650 km along the Persian Gulf.

Mode of Transport
The UAE has a widespread road system connecting mostly all cities. Roads in some areas are still not well developed. These roads are very dangerous roads having desert areas. This has consequence in the regular use of airplanes for the localites.

There are docks all over the country and principal docks are Port Zayed, Port Khor Fakkan, Port Rashid, Port Jebel Ali, Port Saeed, and Port Khalid.

In Abu Dhabi has underground for a metro system and also a nationwide railway which connects all the major cities. The FEWA is accountable for management centralized utilities.

The UAE is anticipating building up a peaceable nuclear energy programme for generating electricity. UAE has marked peaceful nuclear agreements with United States, France and South Korea.

Culture and Lifestyle of United Arab Emirates
UAE has a varied and multicultural society. The UAE's culture is marked as a small, racially homogenous community. Instead of variety of the inhabitants, only small and uncommon incidents of cultural tensions have been descripted in the city. The main holidays are Eid al Fitr coming at end of Ramadan and the National Day (2 December) of UAE.

The blow of Arab culture is seen on the music, architecture, cuisine, attire and lifestyle of UAE.

The exclusive socio-economic expansion in the Persian Gulf has leaded that UAE is comparatively liberal. Christian churches are also nearby along with mosques and this politeness has been extensive to Hinduism and Sikhism. A diversity of Asian-influenced schools, cultural centres and restaurants are also present. Mounting numbers of European centres, schools and restaurants are present in the UAE.

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