United Kingdom: The Overview

The world most prominent nation i.e United Kingdom long form Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a sovereign nation of the north-western coast of continental Europe. The reputation of being largest island nation in Europe is a combination of formerly independent states England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The United Kingdom also has many outbound territories. The Isle of Man and Channel Islands are placed under the British Crown. But as independent countries is not part of the United Kingdom. Their relationship and behaviour with the United Kingdom can be described by the concept of suzerainty. As a well defined parliamentary and constitutional monarchy, the country also maintains ties to sixteen Commonwealth realms, of which the British monarch is governor of state. As a highly developed economical and industrial country, the UK has the world's sixth-highest gross domestic product. With around 56.9 million inhabitants, it is the fourth highly populous country in the European Union. In addition to this, the UK is a member of NATO and the United Nations.

Flora and Fauna
The formerly widespread deciduous and mixed forest and agriculture has been cut off due to depletion of 8%. Large mammals are wild elk and deer along with naturalized fallow deer, sika deer and Wasserrehe. The former domestic wolves and wild boar became extinct. In Exmoor, in the Shetland Islands and the New Forest, there are semi-wild ponies. The squirrel is displaced by the exposed North American grey squirrel. Lives in southern England which is also naturalized Benett-kangaroo; another one not originally native mammal is the Mink, a North American relative of the mink. In the coastal areas of live seals and grey seals.

Culture and Lifestyle of United Kingdom
In the United Kingdom there is a big range of media, which have, because of the highly spread of the world's prominent English language is also a major impact internationally. The BBC is the major public online broadcaster in the UK and also the largest and oldest in the world. It is compulsory license fees and partly financed by advertising and operates several television and radio stations, both domestically and abroad. BBC World, the international news channel of the BBC, will be broadcast all around the world and the biggie BBC World Service radio station broadcasts programs in 33 different languages.

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