United States: An Overview

The United States being country in North America contains 50 states. The main city of United States is Washington DC and the biggest city of United States is New York.

It is 3rd in area and in the population. No official language is recognized by U.S, but English is well verbally used all over the United States.

The U.S. allocates a general border with Canada and Mexico. The border length of the U.S. is 12,221 km. The shoreline length of United States is lying on Gulf of Mexico, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean having a total length of 19,924 km.

Modes of Transport
The transport system is built polycentric: roads, rail and air links. For the transportation, including the road system, 2005, about 100 billion U.S. dollars are used, which corresponded to some expenditure for infrastructure in China. The state of 70,000 bridges is officially considered poor.

The cities are very much designed for this distribution. The inner cities are small and are primarily for office and commercial spaces for use as living space. Around them are areas with multi-family houses, which mainly live in the poorer layer, which cannot afford a car. Farther out are often sprawling zones of single family homes with no shopping. The malls are often located so that a shopper is hardly possible without a car.

Culture and Lifestyle of United States
The American culture is differentiated by the assortment of cultural influences and traditions that many immigrant groups brought with them. Only in the 1930s, formed by the mass media published a unified American popular culture.

The early production of culture in United States dominated by the word "culture", but quickly gained due to the innovative and exclusive conditions of autonomy. African slaves were an exercise of their civilizing traditions and its own cultural production prohibited, with the idea that they are a lot focused on European models. However, elements of their cultures of origin could be maintained in secret.

American artists ruined away from the hypothesis of the Old World in the 20th Century. The different cultural disciplines were extended in new directions.

For contemporary art and entertainment scene in the U.S. included there juvenation of music, new developments in modern dance, using their own individual issues in the American theater, film production in all its variety and the globalization of Fine Arts.

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