United States Virgin Island: The Description

The United States Virgin Island is located in Caribbean with Charlotte Amalie as the capital city of this Island. The United States Virgin Island is surrounded by Saint Croix, Saint John and Saint Thomas. The island is having total of an area of around 346.36 sq km with the population ranging to about 109750 people. The people in United State Virgin Island are found in the groups of Black, Whites, Asian and many mixed genre of people too. These groups of people speak English as their official language. The religion followed by the people of this Island includes Christianity, Protestantism and there are certain people who are Roman Catholic too. The climate of the Island is marked by winters ranging from December month to March month having temperatures around 25 degrees, the summers that extends from June to August has a temperature that is averagely of 28 degrees. August and the September months are considered to be the months of Hurricanes.

Modes Of Commutation For United States Virgin Island
Cyril E King Airport and Henry E Rohlsen Airports are the modes of air commutation for the Island. American Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines and US Airlines are certain airline that helps the commutation process easier. Sea mode can be used by the people availing the cruise ship. Ferry services are the services that too can be availed by the people to commute. Smith Ferry, Native Son and Road Town Fast Ferry services are certain Ferry services.

Best Sites In United States Virgin
  • Virgin Islands National Park
    The national park has the tropical birdlife, pristine reefs and different varieties of flora and fauna. The site has attractions such as hiking and very shopping joints too.

  • Estate Whim Plantation
    The museum has the various instances that show the wide range of sugarcanes in the country. The museum is quite an established place attracting the tourists.

  • Fort Christian
    There are various exhibits in the site itself. The site marks the traces of the existence of the site to be a jail, Lutheran Church and Governor's residence in the past few times.
Culture and Lifestyle
The country's music is named as Quelbe. The people using that music form are known as Scratch bands. The music has the folk influence too. The people of different countries do reside in the Island and so the cultures of all these different nationality do have an emphasis on the culture of the Island.