Venezuela: The Overview

The country of Venezuela is also known as Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. The country is located in Northern coast of South Africa. The capital of the country is Caracas. Venezuela is surrounded by Guyana, Brazil, Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. There are various islands that surround the country which includes Trinidad, Tabago, Grenada, Curacao, Bonair, Aruba and Leeward Antilles. The area occupied by Venezuela is around 916445 sq km with a population of around 29,105,632 people. The people of Venezuela speak Spanish as their official language. The people of Venezuela live in the groups of Wayuu, Timotocuicasn and Afro-Venezuelans. The religion followed by the people of Venezuela includes Roman Catholicism. There are people who are Protestants and Evangelical Protestants. The climate of the country is marked by variation in different zones of the country. Tropical zone has temperature ranging between 26 and 28 degrees, temperate zone has temperatures ranging between 12 and 25 degrees and lastly in the mountains the temperature is averagely of 8 degrees with snow fields.

Modes Of Commutation For Venezuela
Aeropuerto Internacional 'Simon Bolwar' is the international airport for commutation of people of Venezuela to domestic and international destinations. Aeropostal is the air transport service offered to the people. Air Canada, Air Europe, Air France and Copa Airlines are certain airlines that can be availed. There are boat services between Guiria and Spain.

Best Restaurants In Venezuela
  • Catar
    The restaurant is located in Caracas in culinary mall. Catar serves funky food, pizza, sandwiches, carpaccios, etc that is delivered by the ambience too which itself has that funky touch. The food is made out of natural ingredient which adds to the flavour of the food.

  • Nobu
    The restaurant Nobu is situated in Caracas. The restaurant serves Thai food along with sushi. The restaurant serves very cost effective food with great flavours.

  • La Ghirin Cafe, Dely y Restaurant
    This restaurant is also located in Caracas. The restaurant is marked by coverage of palms everywhere. The restaurant serves a great deal of breakfast, vast variety in lunch and candlelight dinners. The restaurant has variety of juices, sandwiches and desserts.
Lifestyle and Culture
The country has an influence of Indigenous, African and Spanish culture on it. The art of the country is motivated from Motifs. The literature of the country has a Spanish influence on it. Some of the famous novelists include Romulo Gallegos and Miguel Otero Silva. The music of Venezuela involves cuatro as the national instrument and Zulian guitar is the famous guitar that is majorly played in Christmas. The sports played by the people of Venezuela include baseball and football.

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