Vietnam: The Inclusions of the Country

The country of Vietnam is also known as Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The country is situated in South East Asia and the capital of the country is Hanoi. The country of Vietnam is surrounded by China, Combodia and South China as the surrounding countries. The occupies the area of around 331210 sq km with a population of around 90,549,390 people The people of Vietnam are found in groups of Viet, Muong, Hoa and Khmer Krom. The people of the country speak Vietnamese as their official language. The country is marked by climate where winters are dry ranging from November to April. The months of May to October are marked by warm monsoons. The economy of the country is marked by rice cultivation and the economy is a planned one. There is an emphasis of oil Industry too.

Commutation To and Fro Vietnam
There are three international Airport named as Tan Son Nhat Airport, Noi Bai Airport and Danang Airport. Vietnam Airlines, Aeroflot, Air Asia, Air France, Cathay Pacific and Japan Airlines are the certain airlines that can be used for commutation to and from Vietnam. River services are also present between Combodia and Vietnam.

Best Restaurants In Vietnam
  • V Cafe
    V cafe is located in Dalat. The ambience of the restaurant has the influences of Chinese and Asian culture. The restaurant is a cute, cozy one that attracts a wide range of tourists to it. The services are great in the restaurant. The restaurant serves its best dessert.

  • Vine- Wine Boutique Bar and Cafe
    The restaurant is located in Hanoi. The restaurant is a famous one serving the best sophisticated wine in the city. The dished like pizza, burgers and Thai dishes. The restaurant is marked by the contemporary kind of climate.

  • Tamarind Cafe
    The restaurant is located in Hanoi. The restaurant is marked by a cafe and a comfortable lounge. The restaurant is quite an expensive one but worth for. The juices and wines served by the restaurant are the best one that can be best enjoyed on the comfortable seats.
Lifestyle and Culture
The culture of Vietnam is marked by Dong Son Culture's influence. The culture of Vietnam has the influence of Confucianism and Laoism on it. Vietnamese dragon is the cultural symbol of Vietnam. Music of the country is derived from Bac, Trung and Nam, which are the three nations of the country. Literature of the country is influenced from folk music too. The theatrical performances are quite famous in the country. The sports played by the people of the country include martial art, soccer, tennis and volley ball.

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