Wallis and Futuna: The French Islands

Wallis and Futuna Island are also known as Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Island. These islands are French Islands and are located in South Pacific Ocean. These French Islands are surrounded by Rotuma of Fiji, Tongo, Samoa, Tokelau and Phoenix Islands. These islands have the total area of around 264 sq km with a population of around 15000 people. The people in Wallis and Futuna Islands are found in the groups of Polynesians and Metropolitan French. The language spoken by these groups of people is French, Uvean and Futunan. The religion followed by the people of Wallis and Futuna is Roman Catholicism. The country is marked by tropical climate which is stated with summer/monsoon season in the months from November to April and the winter month ranges from May to October months. The economy of Wallis and Futuna is based on Agriculture, Tourism and Fishing.

Modes Of Commutation For Wallis And Futuna
There are two airports from where the commutation can be made effective to various domestic and International destinations. The Aircanlin flight is the flight that helps commuting. There are no regular ferry services for the country.

Best Sites Witnessed In Wallis And Futuna
  • Pierre Chanel Church
    The site is the Church which has the beautiful interiors with large capacity and decorations in white and brown tap. There are relics of saints, his cloths and large wooden statue of the Chanel. The church is the best tourist attraction due to its architectural attractions.

  • Talietuma
    The site is the archaeological site having the interiors and the inclusions of the period ranging from 1450 AD. The site has the large platform, great walls, circular base and stone covered road that is complete scenic beauty.

  • Lake Lalolalo
    The Lake is the most famous and beautiful site in Wallis and Futuna. There are large varieties of birds found in the river area. The cliffs are the attraction for the scene too.
Culture and Lifestyle
The culture of Wallis and Futuna has the emphasis of Samoa and Tongo culture on it. The Kava ceremony is one of the famous ceremonies conducted in the Islands. The literature is not present in great written form but has the oral connections in terms of music, verses, myths and songs sung by the people of the country. Siapo and Tapa are the major art forms that are famous in the islands of Wallis and Futuna. Woven mats are quite famous in the islands. The subsistence farming and Tourism are the modes of economy earning for the country.