Want to Know About Mauritania?

Mauritania country is located in West Africa and Maghreb. It is surrounded by Western Sahara in the northern direction, Atlantic Ocean in the Western direction, Algeria in the northeastern direction, by Senegal in the southern west direction and by Mali in the eastern direction. This country is named after kingdom of Mauretania, which later became a part of Roman Empire. Nouakchott is the capital and the largest city of this country that is located on the Atlantic coast. The gross income of this country is very less, about 20% of the population of this country earns less than $1.25 per day. In the year 1860, French occupied this country in partnership with Moorish religious leaders.

Culture and lifestyle
Mauritania country has two major populations which are: the Moors and the sahara Africans. The sahara African people include the Fulani, Bambara and sonike ethnic groups. Some of the moors people are white which are known as Beydan while some are blacks known as Haratin. Both these people speak Arabic and French. The Sunni Islam followers are also found in this country. The most popular pass time activities of the people include playing music, dancing and taking part in various recreational activities. Earlier the education which was given to the people living in this country was based on French Culture but later on the books of the educational institutions were printed in English.

Best Hotels In This Country
The exotic food at the hotels is loved by number of tourist that visits this country every year. The best hotels that are located in this country are:
  • Nouakchott hotels
    This hotel is five star hotels with all the facilities that you wish. There are swimming pools; rain dance, spa facility and many others source of refreshment that you can find. The delicious food is available at the hotel; the seafood is the specialty of this hotel.

  • Nouadhibou hotels
    This hotel is located at the heart of the city; you can find various transportation facilities to reach this hotel. The food is delicious and the services are fast at this hotel. It has four floors and Banquet arrangement. You can organize parties at these hotels by just paying lesser amount as compared to other hotels that are located in this country.
This country is famous for the hotels that are located there; the exotic food and the value for money are the features which attract number of tourists every year towards it.

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