Want to Know About Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island country which is situated in eastern Caribbean Sea and sharing a boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. It is located at the northeast of the island of Saint Vincent, south of Martinique and northwest of Barbados. This island encompasses an area of about 617 kilometers square and has a population of about 174,000. The capital of this island is Castries. This island has a legal system which is based on British law system. However, the judiciary of this island is independent and the decisions or justice is done on fair bases. In the year 1814, the Britishers were the one who took control over this island. Europeans were the one who took an effective control over this island in the second half of the 14th century.

Culture and lifestyle
The culture of Saint Lucia has been greatly influenced by the African, French, East Indian and English Heritage. The secondary language which is preferred by the people that are living there is a Crole, which is a form of French patios. The biggest festival for the people that are living on this island is Saint Lucian Jazz festival, which is celebrated in the month of May at number of Venues on this island. Number of tourists visit this island every year just to see the musicians and enjoy the festive season that is celebrated there. Like other Caribbean countries, in Saint Lucia also a carnival is held just before the Lent. There are also carnivals like Trinidad and Tobago that are celebrated there to attract number of visitors every year.

Facilities That you can find in the hotels
The hotels and resorts that are located in this country are the best. There are five star, four star and three star hotels that are located there and you can choose the one which goes with your budget. The three star hotels also have number of facilities like spa, swimming pool, outdoor games, and many others. The hotels also have satellite television facility and Wi-Fi connectivity; these services are appreciated by number of visitors. Though it's an island but you can find all the facilities that are there in hotels located in various countries.

Saint Lucia government takes extreme efforts so those tourists visit this island ever year. You will never find the two festivals celebrated in a particular day. All the fest and fairs are organized in different months therefore you can schedule your trip in such a way that you can see the fest which attracts you the most.

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