Welcome to Benin- A City of Beauty

Benin City situated in southern Nigeria, which is surrounded by beautiful nature and has blessed nature full of enjoyment and thrill. Benin beautiful site attracts the visitors and welcome those to travel in their country as they deem visitor are deity. It is known for its culture and tradition all around the world and it has new definition of beauty which is considered within it. People of Benin are very friendly and always ready to help travelers who visit from other countries.

Lifestyle & culture
The Benin culture and lifestyle is very exclusive and has its own identity all around the globe which gives them a new meaning of livelihood. There are many religions like Hindu, Christians and many other religions which reside in Benin. It is famous for its art and craft as there art as well as craft beauty makes them to identify everywhere.

Best way to reach there
There are many mode of transportation to reach Benin with security and comfortable manner which includes:
  • By Bus
  • By Air
  • By Train
So, now it's your choice what will you consider for travelling and which mode of transportation best suit it. If you want to go by train, bus or by air then they all are comfortable for travelling to Benin. But for travelling Benin, Airplane is the best source for travelling out there as it is secure and you will reach at less time at affordable cost.

Top five tourist destination
There are many places of tour which attract people towards them in many ways. Let's have a look on top 5 popular tourist destination of Benin are:-
  1. Kota falls
  2. Grand-Popo
  3. Tanouqou Waterfalls
  4. Pendjari National Park
  5. Parakou
So, when you visit Benin then try to visit these above mentioned destinations which can make you trip successful and give you a memorable moment for lifetime.

Best hotels for accommodation
There are many hotels which help visitors to comfort themselves with their high-quality service and skilled staff which maintains the peace in their hotels. Some of the best hotels for accommodation of Benin are:
  • Excalibur Benin Hotel
    Excalibur Benin Hotel is situated in the center of the city. It is a friendly hotel with peaceful environment which offers a comfortable time to their clients and makes their trip memorable.

  • Meridian Lodge
    The Meridian Hotel is in the center of Benin City. This hotel provides a world-class service to their visitors. Hotel staff is friendly which attract visitors to come in their hotel. It is an attractive hotel with charming surrounding which makes clients comfortable to enjoy their day in the hotel.
Benin is a beautiful site which catches attention of visitors by near charm which gives thrill and enjoy full atmosphere. There are many hotels which offer high-quality services to their visitors but these above hotels offers excellent services with comfortable life to stay on. It designed so beautiful that is defines the natural beauty in itself. Enjoy the moment!!!!

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