What to Know About Nigeria?

Nigeria is a country comprising of 36 states and its capital territory, Abuja. This country is situated in West Africa and shares the borders of Benin in the west, Cameron and Chad in the East and the Niger country in the north. The people living in this country have a deep history. Its name is given after the name of the Niger River. The influential ethnic groups in Nigeria are Hausa, lgbo and Yoruba. The name was given by Flora Shaw, the wife of Baron Lugard, who was a British colonial administrator; in the late of 1900 B.C., it is the most popular country in Africa and is ranked as the seventh popular country in the world. It is in the list of the next eleven economies and is the member of commonwealth Nations.

Culture and lifestyle
The majority of people that are living in this country are black. Half of the people living in this country are Muslims and the other half are Christians. Only few of the people that are living in this country follow other religion. The people living there celebrate all types of festivals that are celebrated in Hindu culture. You can also find the people of different tribes that have settled in this country. They follow the same customs that they use to follow in their country. The Nigerians eat rats, human flesh and even insects also. You will find less hair on their heads since the water that comes there is salty.

Restaurants and hotels in Nigeria
There are number of hotels that are located in this country with the majority of hotels having pubs. Almost all the restaurants that are there have bars attached to them. People hear loud music in the casinos that are there in Nigeria. You will mostly find non-vegetarian food in the restaurants and hotels that are located there. The seafood like crabs, lobsters etc are famous among the Nigerian people. The food is delicious and the services are fast in the hotels. There is also vegetarian food that is available in the restaurants, if you wish to eat that you can also choose this from the menu.

If you are person who is willing to settle there than it may be a bit difficult to settle there in the beginning. However, slowly you will become comfortable in that atmosphere. This country has people from different tribes but specially the Muslims and Christians.

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