Yemen- Travel and Tourism

Yemen has become one of most preferred places for tourists, when it comes to spending vacations. There are some very obvious reasons behind that. The historical importance is one of the prime reasons of popularity of this amazing land. Civilization took birth long ago here in Yemen. The culture of the nation is yet another fact that grabs the attention of the visitors. People are extremely friendly and just like the culture is one very important reason people love visiting this nation.

Culture and life Style
Life in Yemen is quite simple, where people are sharing and helpful. That is often people do not experience in western nations. There is humongous variety in terms of culture. Even geographically country is offered some exceptional places that government have very successfully developed as tourist's spots. Amazing mountains and hill stations, gigantic deserts, ancient tribes, beautiful beaches and developed towns. Yemen has everything that as a visitor you wish to tour. Country is also famous for the local markets, offering some brilliant piece of arts and antiques.

Geographical Diversity
Yemen is gifted through Mother Nature with some of the most amazing sights. Plains of Tihama having hot climate completely differ from cool region of central highlands. Astonishing combination of diverse flora and fauna is one of the reasons, why more and more tourists find it the perfect place to spend vacations. Even after such vast diversity in both culture and geography people all around the nation are friendly and supportive.

Adventure Tourism
Adventure tourism is one of the prime specifications of tourism in Yemen. Administration has exploited and made excellent use of the diverse climate and conditions. Having four world heritages according to UNESCO, country has numerous reasons to attract foreign tourists. Socotra Warbler is exclusively found in this country only throughout the world. Trekking, surfing and number of other adventures attract people from different parts of the globe.

Accommodation and Transportation
Being visited through such huge number of visitors, Yemen has some of the world class hotels in different parts. Taj Sheba hotel, Taj Talha Hotel, Sky Line Hotel, Sinbad Hotels are some of the top places to reside. With over 45 airports Yemen has 5 international airports, where visitors all around the world reach to visit this marvellous place. Though limited development has been done as far as road transport is concerned, still you will not find it difficult to move around.

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