Zambia- Economic Developments and Tourism

While considering sub Saharan countries, we often presume of poor nations with highly under developed areas. But, there is one very clear exception to this presumption and that is Zambia. Considered as one of the most developed nation of the sub Saharan region of Africa, the nation has most of the population living in developed urban region. Most of the places are well communicated through advanced means of transportations. As far as GDP is concerned, it is almost two third, from what it was at the time of freedom.

Increased Population
Just like most of the African countries Zambia, is no exception when it comes to population. Higher rate of population growth and inefficient government policies are one of the prime reason behind slow growth rate. Even after being ranked as one of the most developed countries in that region, Zambia is also one of the poorest nations of the globe. Huge population is the prime cause of most of the troubles, resulting in average age of 50 years. Its population increment rate is 2.3 percent, that is much more than what it should be after several years of independence.

People and Tourism
Zambians are one of the prime reasons why so many visitors from all around the world make frequent visit to Zambia. Even after more than 71 native languages English is the officially used language here. Zambian tribes along with the exceptional wild life are yet another reason for why country has been successfully grabbing the attention of tourists. Amazing culture with drumming and dance on cultural festivals is one unique experience and feature.

In recent few years efforts have been made to utilize the natural resources that Zambia has. For attracting more tourists game parks and reserves have been developed. Ownership varies with state and private control with approximately 30 percent of the total land. You may find this amazing that wonderful wildlife, clean rivers and beautiful people are not the only attraction in Zambia. Having more than 6 percent of total Copper in the world, nation has started attracting investors. There are excellent opportunity for development and investment here. With still to be exploited resources and places, world has great hopes from Zambians. Famous Victoria waterfalls are another reason why tourism has become a prime source of income for state. Varity in climate let various flora and fauna to live in this beautiful land of Zambia.

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