Zimbabwe- Tourism and Economic Developments

Being an African country, Zimbabwe had been gone through a wonderful period of sheer growth. The severe situations they had to face, basically originated with participation in the war. It was post war period from 2002 that the excellent developments were paused. Once, the situation was so worst that unemployment grew to 94 percent. After the economic crisis in year 2000, government redistributed the land and has been engaged in making efforts for rapid development. Though, there have been disputes regarding unfair distribution of land. Yet another severe outcome was inexperienced farmers who could hardly handle such vast lands and crops.

Gradually the situations started getting worst as far as agriculture is concerned and the new farmers even had to sell the equipments. Overcoming such dreadful situation was seriously not possible for government alone and therefore, support from other developed nations has been assisting Zimbabwe to get control over the situation. Once Zimbabwe was one of the leading exporters of tobacco, cotton and soya but, the conditions did not let it stay the way it was. Hyperinflation only worsens the situation and people in Zimbabwe had no other option than to live the pitiful life.

Travel and Tourism
Tourism was one of the major sources of income for government before the year 2000. Just before a year in 1999, there were near about 1.4 million tourists in Zimbabwe. With such excellent opportunity for tourism, number of hotels and other means of accommodation are available but, most of them are running in loss due to unavailability of visitors. Tourism had kept millions of people employed but, the situations changed and most of them either had to leave their job or to switch to other work field.

Though there has been serious decline in the total number of tourists but, Zimbabwe does have exceptional places for tourisms. Due to severity number of airlines has stopped offering direct services to Zimbabwe. That is yet another reason why number of visitors has reduced in recent few years. North West region of the nation have some excellent places to visit. Nyanga National Park, The Eastern Highlands, ancient ruins and Matobo Hills are some of the areas of attraction.

In recent few years the situations have started getting better since world powers making efforts to help in every possible way. Tourism can play a vital role in boosting the economy of Zimbabwe.